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Save attachment to a requisition

[During Creation]

This process can be followed before, during, or after you add your lines to your requisition, but it must be added to the first line item just like the "Special Instructions". Although attachments can be added to a requisition at any time, it is easiest to do it as indicated here.

  1. In TEAMS and on the "Line Items" page/tab. (Shown below)
  2. Locate the green bar just above the blue buttons. This will look like one of these:
  3. a. If yours looks like the one above, click the upside right rectangle on the far right of the green bar. This will turn the rectangle upside down and open an area to give you something that looks like this.
  4. Below the green bar locate the plus sign button. (Shown Below)
  5. Click the plus sign button.
  6. This will open the area above it to look something like this.
  7. Click the "Choose File" button to open the normal Windows "Open" dialog window. (Similar to the one Shown below)
  8. Follow normal Window processes for this window to locate the document that you want to attach.
  9. Highlight the desired file.
  10. Click the "Open" button. The file name should now be showing in the choose file box. (Similar to the one Shown below)
  11. Enter a basic description in the next box to the right.
    Example: Quote for new books
    1. Click the trash can button to remove the item.
    2. Click the plus sign button to another document/file.
  12. Continue the Create Requisition process from the last step in the process that you left off at.

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