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Prospective Vendor Registration

This form is to officially notify CFBISD of your companies interest in doing business with us.
This form is not to be completed by district personnel.

To be placed on the Carrollton - Farmers Branch ISD prospective bidders list, please complete the below form. Form is not submitted and registration is not complete until the submit button below the form is clicked. You will receive an email confirmation when completed correctly.

Please also consider using an institutional contact, such as "bid@123.org" or "sales@abc.com" or "purchasing@xyz.us". That way, with inevitable employee turnover, the company will always be notified of upcoming interests via a valid email account.

Public Notice to Bidders is published in the
Daily Commercial Record logo
Daily Commercial Record
Phone Number is (214) 741-6366
Please Note:
You do not become a CFBISD approved vendor by submitting this form.

Acceptance of orders verbally or in any other manner without an authorized purchase order are at risk of non-payment.

CFBISD employees may not order goods or services without the issuance of a written purchase order issued by an authorized offical.

Your registration will remain active for a minimum of 1 year from the date of submission.
    Click the Submit button to submit your request. To clear the form, click the Reset button.
    Do not type in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS
    * Denotes Required Field

    Company Information:
  • Name of company being reported on. [100 characters MAX]
  • Street Address of company being reported on. [100 characters MAX]
  • Contact Person:
  • First Name of person to be contacted
  • Last name of person to be contacted
  • Proper format "doej@mycompany.com"
  • We are a current member of the following cooperatives (Check All That Apply)

    We want to be notified for all: Checking one of these means you will be notified for every bid the district puts out as indicated
    Product Or Service you wish to supply (Check All That Apply)

    Construction, Patching, Paving, and Curbs:

    Consultant Services:

    Professional Services:

    Student Nutrition:




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