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Purchase Order processing

Purchase Order processing time can vary greatly.

All Purchase Orders are reviewed and approved by a minimum of 3 people.

  → The first person to review and approve is normally local to the requestor,
      ⋯ such as a principal or supervisor.
  → Next to the last is normally Kimberly Castanon.
      ⋯ But there can be any number of reviewers/approvers before her.
      ⋯ Remember 3 is the minimum number of reviewers/approvers there can be.
  → The buyer is the last approver.
      ⋯ And only once the buyer completes the review of the Purchase Order and approves it, is it set to be batched.
  → Batches are what change a requisition into a Purchase Order.
      ⋯ Batches are normally ran at 8:00 AM, 10:00 AM, Noon, 2:00 PM, and 4:00 PM.
      ⋯ Times can vary slightly from day to day.
  → After the batch is run an email is sent to the requestor by TEAMS.

The email will look like this:
PO Email

Notice: If you are not sure how to create the folder call the Helpdesk at 4357 for assistance. They can walk you through it.

Once the Purchase Order is opened and saved,
  → you will need to complete the process by sending the Purchase Order document to the vendor as indicated in the "Instructions to Vendors" part of the Purchase Order.
      ⋯ This section will include the information you copied and pasted to the "Special Instruction" box in line one of the requisition you created in TEAMS to get this PO.

      ⋯ This can be via fax, email, or printed copy, depending on the type and purpose of the Purchase Order. If it is needed to be faxed, a fax number will be supplied. If you need to email the Purchase Order, attach a copy of the Purchase Order to a new email and address it to the addresses supplied.

At this time you can also email a copy of the Purchase Order to anyone that may need a copy of it.

Office Hours:

08:00 AM to 04:45 PM
Monday through Friday
(Excluding District Holidays)

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